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The Pasadena Showcase House Music Mobile™ is off and rolling every fall – heralding another fabulous year of introducing third grade students to the sounds and magic of a symphony orchestra. The Music Mobile™ Program has introduced the sounds and magic of the symphony orchestra to over 100,000 third-grade students in local classrooms since 1971. Designed and implemented by the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts, the Music Mobile™ has received numerous local and national awards for originality and educational excellence. Proceeds from the Pasadena Showcase House of Design have funded this highly effective music education program since its inception.

Music MobileThe distinctive Music Mobile™ van filled with orchestral instruments visits third grade classrooms  throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Colorful banners identify the various instruments and instrument groups as each presentation teaches the students about the symphony orchestra. To further expand its community outreach, in 2005, PSHA contracted with the Pasadena Conservatory of Music (PCM) to administer and present the Music Mobile™ Program. PSHA members assist PCM instructors as the third graders are introduced to the sounds of the orchestra and its individual instruments; and, have the opportunity to touch and attempt to play the brass, woodwind, percussion and string instruments. The program serves to stimulate curiosity about music and encourages further exploration and appreciation.

Since 2005, PSHA has been a proud partner of the Pasadena Conservatory of Music,, a community music school offering instruction, classes, lectures, and performances for people of all ages. This year marks their 30th anniversary and we congratulate them on this milestone year.

Mobile Student

At the conclusion of the program, each student is presented with a gift of a CD recording: The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten and Peter and the Wolf by Sergey Prokofiev. Students leave the Music Mobile™ experience having learned about the instruments in an orchestra and having gained exposure to classical music. They have had an opportunity to hear a flute, see a flute, touch a flute and play a flute! With the hands–on exposure to the instruments, who knows which third grader will be the next Beethoven?

PSHA extends the impact of Music Mobile™ by licensing the program to other music affiliated organizations.

Karen Klages

"I was a 3rd grader at Franklin Elementary School in the Pasadena Unified School District, in 1971, when the Music Mobile™ came to visit. They held up the French Horn, then stretched out a 16-foot long piece of rope and told us that was how much tubing was wrapped in the horn. From that moment on I was hooked and knew that was the instrument I wanted to play. I had been playing the violin and although I continued that for the next 3 years, I knew that some day I would be a French Horn player.

And it happened. I switched to the Horn in 7th grade and after music school training at Indiana University, today I teach band and orchestra in three Pasadena schools (Eliot, Blair, Longfellow) and play Horn professionally. I love the Horn and play every chance I get. I performed the Strauss lst Horn Concerto with the La Mirada Symphony a few weeks ago. But it all started way back when the Music Mobile™ came to my school and showed all of us little kids the instruments and captured my imagination."

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