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Pasadena Showcase House of Design

The Shops at Showcase ~ 2015


The Pasadena Showcase House of  Design  is  one of  the  oldest,  largest,  and  most successful  Showcase Houses in the country.  Each year a magnificent  estate in the Pasadena area is selected as the Pasadena Showcase House of Design.  The property is completely renovated by leading interior and exterior designers who utilize the latest concepts in design, new products, and technology.   Showcase is open to the public for four weeks during April and May. Approximately 30,000 visitors tour the property each year and visit The Shops at Showcase and The Restaurant at Showcase.

The success of the Pasadena Showcase House of Design has enabled Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts (PSHA) to make cumulative  donations  of almost  $20  million in support  of  the  arts  and  provide  opportunities  for  over  350,000  young  people  to discover, enjoy and study classical music. The programs funded by PSHA have enriched the lives of countless people and brought a lasting legacy to the community.

The Shops at Showcase

An essential element of the Showcase experience is visiting The Shops at Showcase.  The vendors are selected to provide Showcase visitors  with a variety  of merchandise  and price points. Quite literally, there is something for everyone.

The shops often include charming linens, unique designer jewelry, delectable products for the gourmet, clothing and accessories that range from edgy to old-fashioned, lovely gift items,  an assortment of house wares from  the practical  to the luxurious,  and a myriad of other delights.

Many visitors use this opportunity to shop for holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations.   They appreciate that 25% is tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Guests may revisit The Shops at Showcase any time that the Showcase House is open to the public without a ticket.

The 2015 Pasadena Showcase House of Design will be open  April 19 – May 17.
Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday – 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday and Thursday – 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Friday – 9:00 a.m to 8:30 p.m.
Closed on Mondays to the public

Each year 20 to 30 vendors are invited to participate, depending on the amount of space available.  There is a $300 fee to participate in The Shops at Showcase. PSHA arranges for  and pays for  the tents, utilities,  security,  and staffs the checkout booth.   PSHA accepts all credit cards as well as cash.  PSHA retains 25% of the total sales of each vendor and distributes checks to vendors on a weekly basis.

Vendor applications are closed for the 2015 Showcase House.  Applications for 2016 will be available on our website by August 2015.

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